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Server Downtime & 40% Off!

Posted on October 4, 2014 by maroselis

40% Off

There is currently a 40% off coupon
in the -> Buycraft Store <-!
Lasts for 2 days ONLY! Expires Monday night (9/6).

Use Coupon Code: DOWNTIME

We unfortunately had some host issues that caused the server to be down for nearly a day. Of course it had to happen on a Friday and last through Saturday, so hopefully this coupon will make up for that!
Everything is in working order, nothing was lost and you can log in to see yourself exactly where you left off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thank you EVERYONE for being so incredibly patient!


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SiegeCraft 2.0

Posted on August 30, 2014 by maroselis

Hello everyone!

Today’s the big day, the day that we all have been waiting for! SERVER RESET!!!

Everything has been reset. Literally everything. Except 25% of your mcMMO stats (you got to keep 75%). This is going to be a very detailed post on everything worth noting that has changed on the server. There are many, many more changes that I will not bore you with. Those other changes are probably things you won’t even really notice and they don’t really affect gameplay.


* Obsidian Destroyer added (our attempt to limit *unraidable* bases)
– 5 hits to Obsidian will destroy it, even if hidden behind lava/water
– Fluid protection is ON for standard building blocks other than obsidian
– TNT/TNT Cannons will all break the following in __ many hits (ignores fluid protection):
Enchantment Tables (4), Ender Chests (4), Anvils (3), Iron Fences (3),
Fences (3), Fence Gates (3), Glass Panes (3), Nether Fences (3),
Cobble Wall (3), Brewing Stand (3)

* Faction Container-Opening
– Everything that can hold items can now be opened in your Faction-claimed land.
Place obsidian blocks over your chests!

* Updated to Factions 1.8.2
– 1.8.2 Factions will enable you to have more cutomized settings for your Faction and members.
You can set your own permissions (who can build, use doors, etc) for your Members, Allies, Enemies etc!
– 1.8.2 Factions still has all of the old commands, it just has a few more great features.

* Faction Names
– Faction name character caps have been extended to 12 characters (up from 10)

* Nether Portals
– Nether Portals have been removed from the server once again due to our new anti-glitching rules.
You may use the Nether Portals at either /spawn or /pvp

* Ender Pearls
– We have installed a plugin that will prevent players from spamming Ender Pearls
more than once every 3 seconds. This will help keep wall glitching to an absolute minimum.

* New Kits
– Not only will you notice that all of your Donator kits have been buffed,
but Member’s kits have been as well! New kits for everyone!

* Voting
– I will update this and go over everything in detail soon

– For a quick overview, visit
Click Ranks -> Your Rank -> Read everything!
– /mc | /magiccarpet has been replaced with /fly for SiegeLords (cannot be used in or near combat)
– 1 time kits were removed and instead those items are given out at the time of Rank purchase (as intended)
– /echest was given to Scouts ($25) in replace of Virtual Chest
– Virtual Chest is now added to the Undying ($199) rank instead of the Scout ($25) rank
– Vaults were removed from donator ranks ENTIRELY
– Slayer ($99) and up can now set their own nickname with “/nick NAME” in game.
All colors are allowed, No rule breaking, cursing or impersonation of players and/or staff.
15 Character limit (including all colors/letters)
There will be punishments for those that do not comply.
– Every rank from Private ($5) to SiegeLord ($499) got extra sethomes.
Private -> Mercenary got 1 extra, Gladiator got 3, Warlord got 5 and SiegeLord got 5 extra.
– As mentioned previously, ALL kits were buffed. A lot. Visit Buycraft or use them in game to see!
– You will notice some other smaller changes that I feel don’t need to really be mentioned.

I will update this soon with all of the changes, hopefully this is enough to keep you reading for a little while.

Thanks for your patience guys and welcome to SiegeCraft 2.0!


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Server moved to new Host TODAY – 6/18

Posted on June 18, 2014 by maroselis

The server has been moved to the new host and everything should be working accordingly. Please let me know if you have any issues!

Ktross and I have moved the server to a new dedicated server box that is hosted by a new company. The idea behind this is to save money as I’ve had to personally pay for most of the server costs for a few months now. The new server will be cheaper, and UK players should even have a better connection!

Thanks guys,

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