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Posted on December 9, 2011 by ktross

Server IP:

Siegecraft is a top notch, dedicated and lag-free Bukkit 1.5.1 survival server that is focused primarily on PVP and factions. SiegeCraft has a great economy; equipped with a stable player-run economy and mcMMO – your hard work will certainly pay off and make you stand out from the rest!

Admins do not spawn items for themselves or others and donation perks do not affect combat in any way. If you’re looking for a fair and balanced PvP server, look no further.

We are constantly looking to improve game play by searching for new plugins. If you ever have any suggestions, please post them here.

Siegecraft does not have a whitelist, so there is absolutely no waiting to be able to log in. Feel free to log on and start exploring!

We use TeamSpeak for voice communication, this is a great place to get your Faction together for raiding, get a Staff member’s attention, or just hang out and talk to some of our dedicated members! If you need to install TeamSpeak, you can click here to download it.

TeamSpeak IP:


  • Griefing and raiding are ALLOWED, after all – it’s a PVP/Faction server
  • Wall (vanilla) glitching is ALLOWED, but duping items will result in a ban. Do not abuse plugins or mods.
  • No advertising
  • No asking for free ranks/OP/staff/items
  • No xraying or hacked clients
  • No racism
  • Do not disrespect staff
  • Do not spam or talk in all capitals
  • Leveling mcMMO skills while AFK (literally) is not allowed. (ie. auto clickers, etc)

** If anyone is caught breaking any of the above rules, it will result in a mute, temporary ban, permanent ban or the guilty party’s inventory being cleared. **

Minecraft Server Info

TeamSpeak IP:
Status: Online
Players: X/150


Due to the server resetting in 1-3 weeks, what percentage should we drop everyone's MCStats (mcMMO) by? For example, a 25% decrease will change your 1,000 Swords to 750 upon server reset. That way ne

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