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8 mcMMO Credits, 40 XP Levels, 800 Cubits (in-game currency), 16 Enderpearls & 16 Iron Ingots. You also have a chance at winning God Weapons, a Beacon, 22,000 cubits and MORE! Vote on all 8 sites every 24 hours for maximum rewards and to help SiegeCraftMC!
Top voter of the month gets $50 store credit!

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15% Off Everything in Shop – Code: BDAY

Posted on November 4, 2013 by maroselis

15% off everything in the shop until 11/11!

Coupon code: BDAY

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October’s Top Monthly Voters

Posted on November 1, 2013 by maroselis

- Deantasanto – $50 store credit
- Lovin_You– $25 store credit
- Chris_Ando – $10 store credit

Everyone has a shot to win – vote every day on all 7 sites to be next month’s winner! Thank you to all who have been supporting Siege! Congratulations to all the winners!

Next month’s top voters will get:
1st Place: $50 Store Credit
2nd Place: $25 Store Credit
3rd Place: $10 Store Credit


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Minecraft 1.7 – Do NOT UPDATE!

Posted on October 25, 2013 by maroselis

Minecraft version 1.7 will be released today (October 25th, Friday). As most of you know, this means that we will play the waiting game until Spigot is updated. Not only Spigot, but plugins as well. Here on SiegeCraft we have well over 70 plugins. Updates such as 1.7 tends to break just about every plugin. That means that we need to wait for each individual plugin developer to update their plugin to be compatible with 1.7.

Please do not update your clients just yet, we will be waiting until everything is updated before updating SiegeCraft.

Because there are SO many changes coming to 1.7, this will break a lot of things for a little while. I will keep everyone as updated and informed as possible! This update process could take anywhere from a week to weeks. I will do the best I can to get it up as soon as possible without introducing major bugs and glitches to the server.

Please be patient. If you upgraded already, with the new launcher it is very easy to downgrade.


** If your current client looks similar to mine (notice the bottom right corner it says “1.6.4″), that means you will need to downgrade to connect to SiegeCraft.

** Begin by clicking the 2nd button from the left called “Edit Profile.” (highlighted in the photo)

Step 1

** Next, you will want to click the drop-down menu that says “Use version.” Scroll until you see “release 1.6.4″ and select that. Now, click “save profile.”

Step 2

Congratulations, you just downgraded back to 1.6.4! You can now log back into SiegeCraft and continue playing!

Thanks guys,

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Minecraft Server Info

TeamSpeak IP:
Status: Online
Players: X/150


Due to the server resetting in 1-3 weeks, what percentage should we drop everyone's MCStats (mcMMO) by? For example, a 25% decrease will change your 1,000 Swords to 750 upon server reset. That way ne

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