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UPDATE: SiegeCraft 1.7.2 – COMING SOON

Posted on December 2, 2013 by maroselis


This includes:
- Virtual Chests
- Vaults
- Inventories
- Money
- mcMMO
- Player Shops

Donators will keep their ranks, and anyone who donated for VIP in the last 2 months will get it again (I will run payments through again for those people, free of cost). Mob Spawners are kept on ALL maps, so if you donated for one – it will be placed again on the new map. Certain other Donation purchases that were made in the last 1-2 months will be run through again. DONATED for items, money, etc, I’m still deciding what to do exactly with those past purchases.

Why a reset???

- We have not had a FULL reset (money, inventories, etc) in nearly 9 months. This is something that NEEDS to be done, and the economy needs to be changed around a LOT.
- By resetting, we will have more fun ways to earn money, more items to sell/purchase from the Admin shop, Cheaper Player Shops, and a lot more fun things!
- ALL servers have to reset once in a while, ESPECIALLY PvP servers. We have way too many inactive players at the top of mcMMO and /baltop. Once we reset, it will allow YOU, the ACTIVE players to stand out among the reset.

I know a lot of you will be upset by this, but unfortunately there is no avoiding it. We do map resets every 6 months minimum, this reset has been needed for a long time.

Also, we’ll get the awesome new 1.7.2 biomes in our new map!

Gold will be VERY rare on the new map, and very expensive. This means that no more Pigman spawners will be allowed.

There has been rumor going around that this has been coming for about 4 months, and I wasn’t planning on it. Seeing as how the entire server has continuously expected a reset, here it is.

We will be updating the server to 1.7.2 once all of our NEEDED plugins are updated for 1.7.2. This can take some time, so please be patient with me and our staff!

Love you guys,

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15% Off Everything in Shop – Code: BDAY

Posted on November 4, 2013 by maroselis

15% off everything in the shop until 11/11!

Coupon code: BDAY

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October’s Top Monthly Voters

Posted on November 1, 2013 by maroselis

- Deantasanto – $50 store credit
- Lovin_You– $25 store credit
- Chris_Ando – $10 store credit

Everyone has a shot to win – vote every day on all 7 sites to be next month’s winner! Thank you to all who have been supporting Siege! Congratulations to all the winners!

Next month’s top voters will get:
1st Place: $50 Store Credit
2nd Place: $25 Store Credit
3rd Place: $10 Store Credit


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